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Banksy on Over Tourism in Venice

Over tourism in Venice has caused serious issues within the infamous Italian city. The amount of people that come into Venice for daily visits and weekly trips greatly outnumbers the number of people that actually call themselves residents. Tourists often flock to the big monuments causing a huge concentration of people in single areas of the city.

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5 Things We Love About Notre-Dame de Paris

As most of you have heard by now, the beautiful and historic Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris went up in flames this Monday, April 15. People across the world watched, either in person or virtually via social media, as the building burned and the spire fell.

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The Case for Contemporary Craft - Liisa Hietanen and Crocheted Portraiture

It is known that it has been hard for artists working with “non-fine arts” materials to break through the barrier to becoming noticed as a true fine artist, at least when it comes to the world of the art gallery or museum. While the barrier has come down somewhat within our contemporary time, artists who work in textiles, metalwork, woodwork, etc. can see themselves being under-represented in the museum space.

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